Enjoy a feast at the Mazamitla Market

Mazamitla , Jalisco

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Gildardo Sánchez

When hunger calls, it's time to visit the Municipal Market to satisfy your cravings.

Smiling cooks prepare regional dishes in an atmosphere that is a party of flavors and aromas. Diners line up shoulder to shoulder to choose and try their dishes.

Unleash your senses and treat yourself to a stew of beef, pork, and chicken, the best of the three meats with sips and bites sprinkled with vegetables, accompanied by tortillas with a macerated sauce.

Pork beans is a dish made with pulque, pork skins, and sausage and is it an explosive combination. Accompany it with a birria tatemada –baked and stewed meat--and let good conversation flow with your neighbor, and take time to figure out what you will have for dessert.

The feast ends with camote tatemado -roasted sweet potato- to lighten your conscience for having given free rein to a good meal.


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