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Pachuca , Hidalgo

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Known as La Bella Airosa or La Novia del Viento, this city was a mining town par excellence and its main activity is trade and tourism.
Visit Plaza de la Constitucion, Capilla de la Asuncion and the Mining Museum. In this, you will be able to observe the minerals as they are in the nature, as well as the tools used in other times for their extraction and benefit.
Discover the Temple and former Convent of San Francisco, built in the sixteenth century.

Know the Monumental Clock mounted on a pink quarry stone tower of neoclassic style that has machinery similar to the Big Ben’s in London. Walk through the Ben Gurion Cultural Park and visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Conservatory of Music, the convention center, the concert hall and the Museum of Science and Technology.
Stop for a moment in the lookout at the exit of Pachuca to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.


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