Via Ferrata in Mineral del Chico: challenge to heights

Real del Monte , Hidalgo

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Take the Via Ferrata and climb the summit of the mountain La Tanda to more than 200 meters above ground level.

Discover an exciting circuit of hanging bridges that invites you to walk and,  why not ?,  to jump on them in the heights.
Find steel installations such as ladders, bridges, railings and handles that protect you from falling. It is recommended that you always have an experienced guide.

Experience the so-called Salto de Tarzan. The challenge is to jump into the void secured by a rope to make a pendulum from one wall to another of the mountain 160 meters above the ground. The distance between both surfaces is approximately 25 meters, certainly a challenge full of emotion and pure adrenaline!

Once at the top, take your time to rest because then comes the descent that is made with abseiling. Venture through the ziplines connected between the trees. Feel the speed and the wind, spin in the air and head on as you reach the other end: live the freedom to be on high.

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