Tour the English-style streets in Real del Monte

Real del Monte , Hidalgo

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Real del Monte or High Altitude Pass in Otomi was named as a Magical Village in 2005. Due to its historical past and its cultural legacy, it gives identity and sense of belonging to the people of this beautiful village. 

Walk through the Real del Monte streets, go up and down on the elevated streets between slopes and steps. Marvel at the colorful houses built in the English style. Take a tour of the Juarez Square. When you get there, take a look of the Monument to the Miner, one of the most important symbols of the place. 
Get amazed to know that in the Viceregal Age the city received the name of Real for being under the control of the Spanish crown and Del Monte for being built on a slope surrounded by mountains. With no rush, take a break in the beautiful cast-iron fountain brought from England in 1885. See it in the square center of this beautiful place. Then, be delighted by the traditional empanada from the state of Hidalgo. Try a delicious cake while taking a break in some of the benches of the main square

Feel the faith emerging in your body and visit the Our Lady of Conception Parish Church, founded by the Franciscans in the 16th century. Currently, you can admire the remodeled building, built at the end of the 17th century in sober baroque style and neoclassical style altars. 

Get lost on top of the forest, at the top of the mountain and reach the ancient English Pantheon built in 1851. Feel the cold and haze flooding your skin in the middle of the mystery this cemetery keeps. Be amazed to learn that there are about 758 tombs built facing Britain. Be in doubt knowing that only one grave lacks that formality: the tomb of a mad clown. Ask the guides to tell you the legends of the cemetery and be amazed by the stories told of the British mining past in Real de Monte. 

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