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Real del Monte , Hidalgo

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Considered as a Mining Industrial Heritage, Real del Monte has been classified as a Magical Village because of its cultural wealth and a unique heritage that we must undoubtedly preserve. 

Get to know the mining history in Real del Monte. Cross the vestiges that still remain to narrate the mining past. Ask the guides to tell you the stories and legends as well as the testimonies of the historical stages of this wonderful destination. 

Hold your helmet well, recreate the past and let yourself be swallowed by the earth for a few moments; dig down the mine sinkhole as you walk a half-kilometer distance to the mining workers' place. Imagine how difficult it was for them to work in the depth of the ground. Meanwhile, explore the impressive geological formations, the figures traced in our imaginary combined with the impressive silver veins, those where the miners found these precious riches ready to be melt. 

Get to know the mines giving a testimony of the exploitation history of these mineral resources in Hidalgo. Feel the warmth and synergy of three cultures which crossed borders to turn Real del Monte into a destination with Mexican, American and English indivisible and interlaced tradition. 

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