Live the adventure in Los Arcos Saucillo Park

Huichapan , Hidalgo

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Located in the old property of the El Saucillo Hacienda and crossed by a canyon known as the Arroyo Hondo, El Saucillo Biopark features an 18th Century aqueduct; there is nature, fun, sun, and extreme excitement. 


Begin your tour through the Puente Caminero. Take a walk atop this beautiful structure, strolling from end to end as you feel the sun caress your skin. Breathe the warm air of your surroundings as you admire the beautiful landscape that stretches below your feet. Look at the heavy quarry stones, which were extracted from this same site. 



Experience the sheer excitement of riding the zip-line. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you set up your safety equipment. Once you start sliding from the top, release your stress. Feel the wind caress your face as you descend through the canyon, and be filled with excitement as you travel around the circuit defying gravity. 



Unwind by taking a stroll through the Hondo Arroyo. Walk the trails on foot as you breathe the tranquility of the surroundings. Once you get to the bottom you can admire the impressive and defiant architecture of the aqueduct. Admire its 14-quarry stone arches and the majesty of its more than 130-foot height. Continue on to a horseback ride or rock climbing. Find the sand mine and be told of the legends that will make your imagination soar. Walk among the vegetation and look closely at the rock formations to discover the animal figures hidden in some of them. 

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