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Mineral del Chico , Hidalgo

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El Contadero is a natural formation composed of capricious rock formations that resemble beautiful and intricate labyrinths, located within the mountain range of El Chico National Park.

There are several legends of the place. It is said that years ago bandits hid in these labyrinths to count and distribute their loot. It is also said that shepherds used to gather there to count their cattle, hence the origin of its name.

Every December 12 the inhabitants make a pilgrimage to this place, the small chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe at the top of the mountain.
It is an excellent place to bike and lose yourself in its innumerable corners. In any case it is advisable to request support from the guides.
Take your own bicycle, put on protective gear, practice cross-country and challenge the difficulties in mountainous terrain: sand, dirt, mud, streams, various obstacles such as hollows, stones, logs, branches and cliffs, as well as diverse slopes and winding paths.

Although you will concentrate on the bike route you can appreciate the beautiful landscapes that nature gives you. When you return to the point where you started, look for the nearby markets where a delicious lunch or dinner is waiting for you.


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