Explore the mines of San Antonio and La Guadalupe

Real del Monte , Hidalgo

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La Guadalupe and San Antonio mines have been restored for guided tours through their tunnels and tunnels and galleries.
Put on your helmet, take a lamp and revive the stories of the miners of 1565. Listen to the stories of how they lived and how they faced the dangers and obscurity of their daily work. Know the processes of extraction of the outstanding metals and minerals such as silver, quartz, pyrite and galena.

As you descend to the place you can catch the smell emanating from the emerald stones and the intense humidity. Transport to the moment of history and learn everything about work worthy of recognition.

Know the history of the mines that were exploited for more than four hundred years by Spaniards, English, North American and by the same Mexican state. They are generous lands that have given much of themselves in good times. 


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