Discover the magic of Mineral del Chico

Mineral del Chico , Hidalgo

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Escape from the city and discover this ancient mining town that is hidden in the haze of the mountain. Breathe the freshness of its nature and discover the characteristic reddish roofs of the place.


Visit the Main Square and the Parish of the Purisima Concepción with neoclassical style, quarry stone facade and Tuscan columns.
In Casa del Artesano del Pueblo you can buy fabrics, open weave fabrics, pottery, carved wood, clay and silverware; all for you to take as souvenirs.


Practice camping, rock climbing, sport fishing, mountain biking, hiking, observation of flora and fauna and trips in zip lines.
Visit its magical corners and endless natural beauties, where adventures are waiting for you to live.
Venture into nature and be amazed by places such as the Llano Grande, the Valle de los Enamorados, Las Ventanas, El Cedral Dam, Peña del Cuervo, El Milagro River, San Antonio and Guadalupe Mines, Peñas las Monjas , Via Ferrata, Contadero, Carboneras Recreational Ecological Park or the famous Paraíso Escondido.

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