Adrenaline on the heights at Peña del Cuervo

Pachuca , Hidalgo

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Peña del Cuervo is located at the top of one of the mountains that surround the town Mineral del Chico in the north-central part of the park. It has a height of 2,770 meters and you can go up and down a stone staircase. Get ready for the cold, wear sunscreen and do an excellent workout. Enjoy an impressive panoramic view in which you can see the mining town Mineral del Chico and the lush sacred fir forest that is developed in the sub-basin of the river El Milagro. In addition, you can see other impressive crags such as El Gallo and Las Monjas to the west; Cercada and Culantro towards the southeast; La Muela to the south; and Los Frailes, belonging to the municipality of El Arenal, in the Mezquital Valley.

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