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The archaeological zone of Tula is the most important of the Tolteca culture, where it is said there was the encounter between light and darkness when Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca faced off.


Admire the different pyramids of the Ceremonial Center, the Place of Worship to remember the Tolteca culture, the area where ball games were played, the impressive Burnt Palace, the Coatepantli, the Chac Mool, the Zompantli and the majestic caryatids or atlantes hand carved in Basaltic stone.
The city is made up of a ceremonial site where the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl and the Great Pyramid were erected. Next to this temple, the today so-called Burnt Palace, a structure of flat roof supported by pillars, was constructed.


Visit the Jorge R. Acosta Museum where real pieces and Tolteca replicas are housed, and get into a historical-cultural view of the origin, development, and decay of the Toltecs and the archaeological city of Tollan Xicocotitlan.
Its name is due to the Mexican archaeologist who carried out works in the Tula zone in the 1940´s. This museum testifies the explorations carried out by Acosta for almost twenty years and by November 1982 it is opened with new facilities. 


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