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Acapulco , Guerrero

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Santa Lucia bay, the queen of the pacific, spectacular natural harbor framed by the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur.
Along the Coastal and from dawn till dusk, let the game of lights, rhythms, smells and flavors, that the port offers you, enter into your life.


Walk through the wooded Zócalo, full of life and color in the historical center of traditional Acapulco, with its unique cathedral adorned with Byzantine towers in yellow and blue in the style of mosques. Just a few steps away, visit San Diego Fort, a maritime fortress used in the Century XVII to defend ships loaded with oriental merchandise from the few pirate incursions in the Pacific; which was the most important trade route with Asia of that time, and explore the historical collections of the Historical Museum of Acapulco.


Delight under the shade of the palapas while having a delicious seafood dish, listen to a concert, join to the beach soccer or volleyball tournaments, buy swimwear or try typical sweets.  


The sun went down, but the activity in the port still goes on, Acapulco is a pioneering city on fun sleepless nights. The variety of bars, restaurants, night clubs and entertainment venues offer diversity and quality comparable to the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world.


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