Get to Know the Traditions of Holy Week in Taxco

Taxco , Guerrero

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Taxco celebrates one of the most moving liturgical ceremonies every year. It is comprised of dramatic representations and processions in which different religious images are carried on foot by numerous groups of hooded penitents.

Forty days before the Holy Week, the Catholic community of Taxco begins to prepare for the celebration. As soon as the Carnival ends, brotherhoods make the sign of the cross while whispering "dust you are and to dust you shall return" on Ash Wednesday. 

On Palm Sunday, the faithful gather to begin the procession.
Beginning Monday night, the silent processions are led by the sound of the drums every night. They are lit by candles and go through the streets and alleys of the city.
On Holy Thursday, a performance of the Last Supper takes place. Local actors narrate the events of that historical night.
On Good Friday, the Sermon on the Judgment of Jesus is read and the procession of the Stations of the Cross begins. Finally, the crucifixion is depicted and the mourning devotees watch over the burial throughout the night.
On Holy Saturday, the faithful remain silent as a sign of mourning until nightfall when the image of the Lord appears in white. The rejoicing begins with the ringing of bells, the burning of Judas and a feast to prepare for Easter Sunday Mass and the last procession of the week.

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