Visit the Prince of Flowers in Celaya

Celaya , Guanajuato

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Celaya, considered as the Gate of Bajio, has a formidably developed industrial presence. As a rest to the industrial bustle is Xochipilli Park, located in the city’s center.

Come in contact with our ancestors, who named the park in honor of the prince of flowers, according to the Nahuatl words xochitl, meaning “flower,” and pilli, meaning “prince.” Mexican lore also considers Xochipilli the god of games, love, and beauty. Discover the park and find out why it received its name. 

Several kid-friendly recreational activities can be found in the park. Accompany the little ones as they enjoy the park rides, merry-go-rounds, inflatable bouncers, and a section of little houses with suspension bridges. And why not have your own fun like a kid? Play miniature golf, drive bumper cars, and find the exit of the exciting labyrinth of hedges.

Enjoy the excellent facilities that the park offers to athletes. Choose the track you’d like to run today, and bring your team along for a quick soccer or basketball match, or any other activity that takes advantage of the widely available spaces.

Take a moment of tranquility amid the busy streets of the city, at Xochipilli. Enter the park until you reach the lake, and once there, get on a pedal boat and hang out with the local ducks. Enjoy the imposing reflection of the Mexican flag as it ripples over the lake at sunset.

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