The Eco-park El Sabinal is a place of exceptional natural beauty.

Salvatierra , Guanajuato

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Take a walk on its cobbled paths surrounded by gardens that invite you to relax and spend time with friends and family.

Head towards the Lerma riverbank. You’ll be in awe of the mighty “ahuehuetes” (Montezuma cypress), ancient trees that grow on the banks of the rivers and spread their flexible branches for a pleasant shade. 

Learn how Salvatierra has managed to preserve its natural riches. Let your inner artist soar and take in the impressionist landscape.


Enjoy a delicious country meal. Prepare your favorite dishes on a grill under a “palapa” by the river.

Play with your family and have fun amidst the lush greenery of local fauna. Take a moment to soak in the landscape around you and be prepared to return home with a new outlook on life.

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