Navigate the center of the country in Yuriria

Yuriria , Guanajuato

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Yuriria is home to a famed lagoon, believed to be the first New Hispanic hydraulic project in America. It was built with the purpose of allowing the Lerma River to irrigate the region’s fields and crops.


Start your morning with a walk along the Yuriria Lagoon, named after the purepecha word yuririapundaro, which means “lake of blood”. Legend has it that the lagoon was the natives’ chosen site for countless human sacrifices offered to the gods and that all the blood was poured into the small lake.

Visit the ecological reserve, which is a stopping point for migratory birds which come back each year, probably to enjoy the Mexican weather. Take a relaxing boat ride through the crystalline waters, surrounded by the immense biodiversity of the area. 


The Isla de San Pedro sits in the center of the lagoon and nowadays it is accessible through land thanks to a road built with that purpose. However, visitors are encouraged to visit the island via a quick boat ride. Once on the island, visit Father Nieves’ chapel. 

Enjoy the day and grab a fishing rod and see what you can catch or make a barbeque in one of the comfortable palapas on the island. To see the whole island, enjoy a nice walk or try a horse ride along the lagoon’s shores. 

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