Know the tradition of Dolores Hidalgo

Dolores Hidalgo , Guanajuato

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Visit the Parish of Our Lady of Dolores, known as the cradle of national independence. 

September is the Mes Patrio, the month in which national independence festivities are held. These are particularly relevant in Dolores Hidalgo, due to the role it played in Mexico’s Independence. Take in the various musical events in the main garden and the shows featured in the Village Theater. Have fun playing the carnival games or visiting the circus.

Every year, on the night of September 15, experience the Grito de Dolores and celebrate the most important national holiday in the country by enjoying the popular open-air dances and trying the wide variety of local dishes and Mexican finger food, antojitos. Let the Mexican cuisine win you over, taste pozole, gorditas, chalupas, fritters, tostadas or molletes, toast with a tequila and pulque to the rhythm of mariachi and band music.

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