Meet the cradle of Independence of México

Dolores Hidalgo , Guanajuato

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The history of independent Mexico from its bowels begins in Dolores Hidalgo. 


To better identify the main characters who were part of Mexican history, visit the  Hidalgo House Museum, the late-18th century mansion where Miguel Hidalgo lived. Feel the atmosphere and imagine what was going through his mind being there.


Continue your journey to the Main Square and head to the House of Visits with its striking Baroque style, a place today where the authorities who are reenacting the cry on Independence Day are staying. Follow the House of Abasolo, which today is the Municipal Presidency, where the national hero was born. Finish up knowing the history in depth and visiting the Museum of Independence.


Meet the Our Lady of Dolores Parish, considered a special icon of Novohispano baroque due to its particular architecture. Two towers guard the three levels of the parish church, being smaller in size each one of them. Continue through the Atotonilco Parish, where Miguel Hidalgo adopted the famous flag of the Virgin of Guadalupe and with which he led the march of independence.


Taste the typical and seasonal dishes in any of its restaurants. Enjoy the chiles en nogada and the mole poblano. Do not forget to try your luck with some of the exotic ice creams produced here with cheese, nopal, beer, avocado, tequila and an endless variety of flavors. Bring home some of the beautiful local ceramics and pottery handicrafts.

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