Enter the Sanctuary of Jesus Nazarene

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The Sanctuary of Jesus of Nazareth that rises in the heart of Atotonilco is a work that was designed and directed by Father Luis Felipe Neri in 1740. Inspired by the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, it has been declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and is a living temple that continues to this day.

Upon arriving at the small town of Atotonilco, you will find the Sanctuary's atrium with its smooth, sober facade and high walls topped by an inverted arcade that appears like a stone flounce.

Enter through the wooden door and face the main nave, which is full of images that portray the life of Christ in no apparent order, with no empty spaces, air, or relief in the determined confrontation between good and evil.

Explore the six adjoining chapels and the various dressing rooms illustrated with murals and easel paintings, upholstered altars, and sculptures. Note the ordeal that outlines the perfect drawing of a cross in the architectural plan of the annex chapels. Be dazzled in front of the oil paintings at the bottom of the Sacristy that illustrate and compare the similarities of the landscapes of San Miguel Allende and Jerusalem.

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