Take a trip around Santa María del Oro

Santa María del Oro , Durango

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There is nothing like a walk along unknown paths to discover not only the details of nature but of oneself. El Oro has beautiful landscapes that are great for walking around and getting to know new places.

See the various hills of all sizes while you sit for a moment to gaze at their pastures and take a picture with the local mesquites, huizaches or oaks; you can also see some of its animal life, such as rabbits, coyotes or some deer as they pass through the region. 

There are two beautiful rivers passing through the area. The Sextin River, which enters through the village of Cazuelas and ends at the Lazaro Cardenas dam and the Ramos River, whose waters are born in the mountains and enter through Potrero de Campa, pass by some nearby settlements and end at the Lazaro Cardenas dam: a beautiful natural spectacle product of both man and nature.  

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