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Imagine visiting the Silence Zone, an untamed land that has aroused worldwide interest due to its legends, charming mystery, and the phenomena that live here. 

Locals speculate that there’s a magnetic cone that causes ionization in the atmosphere, thus blocking the transmission of radio waves, and legends have emerged around this phenomenon. Verify its veracity for yourself and listen to the story of Athenea, the NASA rocket that lost its way and crashed in the area.

Find yourself surrounded by banks of marine fossils from 30 million years ago. Before the Cenozoic Era, the earth was flooded by the sea until the great continental masses began to emerge. They were moving, eroding, and changing their morphology to the point that they look like the landscape you see today.

Identify the species of plants and animals that only live here. Admire the desert tortoise, the largest tortoise in Latin America. Find the burrows of hares, kangaroo rats, foxes, and coyotes that have survived in the adverse conditions of this hypnotizing landscape.
Admire the purple nopal which only acquires these shades in the dry season, and which will be difficult to find in another place. You will also find plants that have thorns instead of leaves to avoid evaporation—these include the gobernadora, sabaneta, ocotillos, magueyes, and other cacti.

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