Come and meet the History of Santa María del Oro

Santa María del Oro , Durango

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The village of El Oro, or Santa Maria del Oro, emerged as a small mining town during the 17th century. Gold nuggets were  extracted  from the river sands by the locals, and so mining later became one of the main activities of the region.

Now, visitors can stroll through El Oro’s picturesque streets and learn about the old town’s mining stories from  how the locals survived to the tools they used for mining, Visitors to this area will be able to hear about the history of the wealth and fame of El Oro’s mines and how both led to the population’s siege several times by the displaced indigenous people from the north, such as the Apaches, who even in the 19th century continued to ravage the untamed region.


There’s nothing like hiking through new paths and discover details not only of Nature but of oneself. El Oro has beautiful landscapes that will allow you to stroll through its outskirts and know other places.


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