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The San Gabriel Caves are located in the municipality of Ixtahuacan and guarded by enormous mountains that loom as the site’s guardians. They are recognizable by their impressive rock formations and the vestiges of a place of worship for the indigenous communities that inhabited it hundreds of years ago. 

Prior to starting the expedition it is convenient to contact the Town Hall of Ixtlahuacan for permission. For the visit to the cave it is necessary to have a strong rope of at least 82 feet and do not forget to bring lamps.

Get there by car or truck, following a trail full of tamarind trees for forty minutes. Enjoy the sidewalks and the blue skies.
Descend more than sixty-five feet to reach the opening. Enter and wonder at the space full of stalactites and stalagmites in whimsical shapes. Let the silence consume you as you listen to the falling drops of water that have given the stone its shape. 

Finish off your tour with a sacred ritual at the caves’ entrance guided by the chants of the shaman. Connect with the sacred energy of the forest and take this opportunity to perform a cleansing.

Once you’re done, you can wander the village and visit the Community Museum, a place where you can see prehispanic ceramics, ancient masks and weapons from the 17th and 18th Centuries.


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