Regional Museum of History

Colima , Colima

This institution is home to a wonderful and complete collection of regional works. In addition, this compound presents temporary exhibitions. Usually, the artisans come here to show visitors part of their works. It is common to find regular workshops and festivals of work with leather, carpentry and ceramics, as well as many other activities. But the culture is not only manufactured objects: the oral tradition also finds a place in this museum. Currently, approximately 10 percent of the Mexican population does not know how to read or write, so the stories transmitted orally play a decisive role in the rescue of the local identity. The Regional Museum of History of Colima is located in the main square. Here you can come close to the history of the state and the city, from the pre-hispanic settlement until the war of independence (1810-1821) and the Mexican Revolution (1910). More information in Regional Museum of History

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