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Colima , Colima

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Zona Turistica

La Campana is an ancestral settlement located at the city’s outskirts, where dense foliage concentrates at the riverside.
Walk among the remains of ancient civilizations, exploring its squares and courtyards, interior spaces and structures of various sizes while you recreate your view of the Volcan de Fuego. Explore the vestiges of the old ball game. Visit the shaft tombs and the unique ceramic Xoloitzcuintle, and ask your guide to explain the burial rituals. 

Legend has it that here is where Quetzalcoatl descended into the underworld. If you visit in spring, you can experience the ceremony of the equinox and recharge your spirit with energy. 

Walk through the Villa de Álvarez and take a tour of the Juan Aurre Art Garden. Go to the market and pamper your palate with the local culinary delights; try the famous country sopecitos of Doña Julia. Drink a glass of tuba, a delicious and refreshing drink made with the coconut sap mixed with apple, cucumber and peanuts, or the famous tejuino, made with corn, raw sugar, lime and salt.

Visit the Piedra de Juluapan and ask the villagers to tell you the legend of the King of Coliman; or listen to the legend of the Indian Alonso and embark on a search for the lost treasure that this legendary bandit hid. 


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