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Comala , Colima

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This magical place protects the vestiges of one of the most important settlements of the West. The name comes from a myth referring to magical beings called chanos who are said to live near the streams. 

Start your tour in the morning and bring water to help with the intense heat. Walk along the cobbled road and be amazed by this place that is steeped in history. Find fascinating ceremonial spaces, squares, central altars, sites for ballgames and the remains of a pyramid. Ask for a guided tour and learn about the different pieces forged in metal, ceramics, obsidian and the figures of small Xoloitzcuintle dogs found in the shaft tombs. 

Look closely at the pyramidal structures and their stairways; you will find some carved images bearing figures of animals, plants and possible deities. You will also find figures alluding to one of the greatest deities venerated by this civilization: Tlaloc.

Once you’re done, head to Comala’s downtown for a delicious glass of tuba, the traditional drink extracted from coconut palm. 



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