Enjoy the golden beaches of Manzanillo

Manzanillo , Colima

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The beaches of Manzanillo have soft sand, the perfect climate, and a wide variety of activities.

Take a boat trip through Manzanillo and Santiago Bays.
At Miramar Beach, you can walk or ride a horse. Continue on to Audiencias Beach, and you can join a dive expedition and observe the schools of tropical fish and octopi.

Boquita Beach is a fisherman's place. Order a Colima-style ceviche or try the traditional Marlin empanadas in one of the local restaurants. Visit the La Reina lookout and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Bay. Treat yourself to a handcrafted papier-mâché item, a beautiful necklace, or a shell bracelet.

Visit a famous sunken ship and ask the boatmen to tell you the dark history of the treasure. Or ask them to take you to Roca Elefante, a small bay with tunnels to the mountain where you can dive and snorkel as you admire the stingrays.


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