Enjoy the Alcuzahue Lagoons

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Buy some food for your adventure and take a small boat to reach the island at the center of the lagoon. Be amazed at the different types of exotic birds and crocodiles you'll see along the way. Go fish some tilapia, cuatete, sea bass or catfish, and ask your host where you can turn the catch of the day into a spectacular lunch. 

Visit the small crocodile pit, where the guides will explain everything about these reptiles' habits. 

Discover the village of Tecuman and enjoy the Archaeological Museum of Caxitlan. Surf the waves of Boca de Pascuales, or just rest under a palapa.

Try a wide variety of typical dishes: diabla-style shrimp, garlic grilled prawns, grilled crawfish and a whole range of stews prepared with tuna, sailfish, dorado and octopus, accompanied by a delicious michelada.


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