Dive into the Springs of Zacualpan

Comala , Colima

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Zacualpan is a town located in the municipality of Comala along the slopes of the Cerro Grande, surrounded by deposits of sand and rock spewed by the Volcan de Fuego. Between the foliage and the lush Tule trees, there is a spring known by the locals as the Ojo de Zacualpan. 

Dive into its crystal-clear waters while the goldfish tickle your feet. Walk the path surrounding the ojo de agua or go mountain biking along its intricate paths. Ride a horse or stroll its sidewalks as you enjoy the view of the Cerro Grande and mingle with the vegetation and the exotic birds.

Organize a day in the outdoors by the Armería River, and observe prawn fishing. Wonder at the very high walls of the gorge. 

Finish your tour in the village of Zacualpan; talk to its inhabitants and let them tell you the stories of their village. Visit the artisan workshops to discover their beautiful embroideries.


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