Discover Nature on Wonderful Navidad Island

Manzanillo , Colima

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Navidad Island is a paradise located along the Colima-Jalisco border. It is surrounded by small coves and a lagoon. Enjoy its reefs, cliffs, and fine golden sand when you visit.

Enjoy walks through coconut plantations, sugarcane fields, and fruit orchards. Learn about the preparation of traditional drinks like the local punch,the tejuino or the tuba, a drink prepared with cane and coconut alcohol, as well as a great variety of guava and quince sweets, along with the famous cocadas.

Walk on Lopez Legazpi Avenue and stop at the stalls and bazaars. You will find a great variety of handcrafts, including authentic works of art carved in wood as well as beautiful embroidery. Refresh yourself with a piñada prepared with grenadine syrup, lime juice, salt, chili, and sliced pineapple.

The island offers activities such as jet skiing, surfing, water skiing, or kayaking. Dive into the depths of the sea or participate in a sailfish fishing competition. You can go horseback riding around the bay or take a boat tour of the lagoon.

Navidad Island has exclusive spas where you can enjoy a relaxing hot stone massage or a bath with aromatic herbs.

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