The oldest winery on the continent: Casa Madero

Parras de la Fuente , Coahuila

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Come and discover the Hacienda of Casa Madero, the oldest wineries in America, soak up its history and enjoy the excellent wine they produce.
Learn about the history of how the Spanish conquerors discovered this spectacular place full of wild springs and vines, nowadays known as Valle de Parras;  Hacienda de San Lorenzo was settled there, producing its  first wine in 1594.

Explore this new stage of wine production with the latest high technology equipment; thanks to the acquisition of this, many different kinds of fine grapes have been imported to be tested on Valle de Parras in order to use them.
Casa Madero is a pioneer in certifying the first organic vineyards in Mexico.

Delight yourself with the variety of quality wines. Do not forget to try a shiraz grape wine, emblematic of the Valle de Parras which has obtained multiple awards due to its high quality.

Ask one of the local guides to accompany you during your tour of the magical hacienda. Some of the guides you find have been in this place generation after generation. Listen attentively to the anecdotes and stories of the hacienda that you might not know in any other way.

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