Explore the imposing Dunes of Bilbao in Viesca

Viesca , Coahuila

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The story tells that in Prehistoric times, the territory of Viesca was covered by the Sea of Tethys, which dried up with the time and created the striking Dunes of Bilbao with its white sands.


Summon your senses to fully enjoy the moment; walk barefoot and feel the softness of the sand under your feet, dig for a while and feel the coolness of the depth. Smell the freshness of the pure and revitalizing air that circulates through the desert. Test your vision by discovering the colored nuances of the sand as the day progresses from a pure white color to a brand new fire red. Listen to the silence at dusk and enjoy the company of the starry sky and the whistle of the wind.


If you decide to camp in the dunes, you will discover the vitality of the desert at night, when the animals come out, among which you will find insects, birds, lizards, mountain mice and even some endemic species like the uma exsul iguana, which changes color depending on its surroundings.


Over the years, the dunes have gradually changed their location. A regional legend tells that under the dunes there is a village of giants that remained there trapped by a divine punishment and, when the giants are about to find the exit, the dunes move and cover them again.


The imposing landscape of the dunes has made them a popular setting for film directors. The area has been the scenery for movies such as All for Nothing, The Mole, Saint Patrick's Battalion, Dragon Ball Z or Rescuing Soldier Perez. 


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