Explore prehistoric vestiges of Coahuila


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Start your adventure early in the morning and bring enough water, because you’re in for some very high temperatures. Go to the Porvenir de Jalpa, a common land that will envelop you in a seemingly endless desert landscape. The artistic features of the land reveal the silhouettes of dinosaurs that passed through here and the layers of rocks that replicate their tracks. You can step into them and see how small your feet are compared to the huge dinosaurs’ footprints.

Continue your route through the Sierra de Narigua, climb and observe the carved figures made by the nomadic groups that once passed through here. Lose yourself in concentric circles, spirals, rhombuses and thousands of other figures likely made more than 6,000 years ago that have yet to be deciphered. Examine the remains of fossils and rocks throughout your journey. Learn valuable information about the evolution of life and geology. Find remains of huge dinosaurs, marine and airborne reptiles and crustaceans.


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