Escape to a beautiful village on the edge of the desert in Viesca

Viesca , Coahuila

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Viesca, “Pueblo Mágico” (Magic Town) is a small village of Coahuila rich in history, culture and tourism. It is an ideal place to escape away from the city and have some rest.


Explore the history of the village by visiting the Municipal Museum, which exhibits arrow tips from old settlers, fossils and Viesca’s foundation document. The museum tells the history of Viesca. It covers the first inhabitants, the Tlaxcalteca indians, the conquering of the area by the Spaniards and the creation of Viesca’s flag.


Admire the Bicentennial Clock, located in the Plaza de Armas, which serves to commemorate 200 years of Mexican Independence. The clock can be found in front of the main government building, one of the first buildings of its type in the village, which also provides an excellent example of a typical Mexican bell tower and balcony. During your visit, make sure to also see the Parish of Santiago Apostol, the largest building in the village, and the Museum of Sacred Art, which features virgins, holy ointments, ancient cassocks and sculptures. 


Viesca offers delicious dishes all day long. For breakfast, dip some mamones (a pink sweet whole-grain bread baked in a wood-fired oven) in a latte. For lunch, enjoy roasted pork accompanied by seven types of soups. The meal is made in an adobe furnace using mesquite wood, which gives it a unique flavor. To top it off, try something sweet and bite into traditional cajetas, also known as dulce de leche, sweet potatoes, caramel-covered fruit and biznagas (Mexican traditional candy). To wash it all down, enjoy the smoky flavors of sotol, a regional beverage made from yellow agave.

Buy Mexican textiles such as sarapes and traditional cloth, Day of the Dead wreaths, fine hand-woven embroidery, and various goods made from onyx.

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