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Thirty-seven thousand miles across seven gorges in the Sierra Tarahumara make up the Barrancas del Cobre or Cañón del Cobre, named after the Barranca de Urique canyon, renowned for its copper mines. The area is four times larger than Colorado’s Grand Canyon.

Delve into the traditions of the legendary Tarahumaras and get to know their caves and handcrafts. Live their unique Holy Week in Arareko, Cuzárare, Basíhuare and Norogachi.

Take the route of El Chepe and cross each of the area’s villages by train, passing Cuauhtémoc, Creel, and Divisadero until you reach the Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park. 

Admire the rock formations in the Valle de los Sapos, Arareco Lake and Valle de los Hongos. Enjoy a sweeping vistas from Mesa de Mogótabo, from Güerachi, and from Candameña, which features the two largest waterfalls in Mexico.

Meet the beautiful missions with their churches. Get in touch with your spiritual side in Sisoguichi, Cerocahui, Norogachi, Cajurichi, Bocoyna, Guaguachique, Cuzárare and Satevó.

Cross the mountains and discover Cuauhtémoc, inhabited by the largest Mennonite community in the world. And don’t forget to visit the archaeological site of Paquimé and the mining villages dating from the 18th century.


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