Bathe in the hot springs of Recowata

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Descend a steep cobbled path that winds all the way down to the bottom of the Tararecua gorge, and arrive at the open lands of Recowata. Pull over and get ready to descend two miles by ATV or on horseback. The way back takes a couple of hours on foot. Another option is to rent a jeep. 

Cross the dense forest of pines, poplars, junipers and oaks that lead to the thermal springs of Recohuata

Admire the natural beauty and go to the shores of the San Ignacio Arroyo, where the water rises mightily from the cracks of the rocks to form a small waterfall into pits of different depths and sizes. Bathe and enjoy the crystal clear water with an average temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If you decide to stay and camp out, dive in and wait for the sun to set. Listen to the woodpeckers and the sounds of the blue birds in the starry night.


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