Walk through the town of Palenque

Palenque , Chiapas

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The magical town of Palenque was once a small community of Chol families who founded the settlement inside the jungle.

Today, the palm-roofed buildings are reminiscent of the ancient village that stretches between huge mahogany trees, chicozapotes, cedars and majestic ceiba trees, which represent the sacred tree of the Maya whose branches support the heavens while their deep roots intertwine the world of the living with the underworld.


Walk through the shaded alleys to the main square, exploring the shops that offer beautiful Chiapas crafts and look for the Texil Lak Puj Kul Museum. There, you can enjoy collecting typical Chiapaneco garments and you will see the textile exhibition: from material preparation and dye production to the process of embroidering and weaving the colorful pieces that are made in the region's villages.


At dinnertime, savor the menus that incorporate regional ingredients while you enjoy the magical atmosphere of Mayan tradition and culture. Try the traditional tamales chiapanecos; the duck in chilmol, cooked with a sauce made of tomato, chile and celery; the sweat fish and the venison spatter. For dessert, you cannot miss the delicious candies made of honey.

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