Visit the Maya testimony in Tonina

San Cristóbal de las Casas , Chiapas

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The Mayan warrior city of Toniná sits within a naturally wooded area. It was built on an artificial mountain of seven platforms.

Get ready to admire the amazing carved stone stelae that show the rulers of the city in great detail, and the stucco reliefs that represent the myth of the four cosmogonic ages through which the world passes. Connect with the suns in each cycle that are represented by human heads falling from the stone walls.
Be amazed by the buildings with stepped, spiral graves and the ancient ball court, which was one of the largest of its time. Notice the sculptures throughout the temples and palaces that indicate the commercial and warlike importance that Toniná had in its time.
Admire the area dedicated to the ball game for the prisoners, set on a large platform next to the sacrificial altar, and look for the representation of the god of death that holds the head of a decapitated man in his hands.

Built on a rectangular promenade reminiscent of the ancient myth about the creation of the universe, the museum exhibits a collection of archaeological objects from the site, such as stone sculptures that include representations of gods and rulers or inscriptions and engravings linked to the artists' worldview.



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