Enjoy the Water and the Jungle in Misol-Ha

Palenque , Chiapas

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Find the splendid waterfalls of Misol-Ha, which fall from a cliff almost one hundred thirty-one feet high, and immerse yourself in a pool surrounded by the jungle that stretches out from your feet.

Take a walk through the narrow and iconic path that passes behind a great curtain of water to reach a separate stream of water that leads to the pool.


Enter the tropical rainforest that is home to massive mahogany trees, chicozapotes and water sticks. You can take a tour to a viewpoint from which you can see the most remote and leafy corners of the forest. Walk amid the humidity and the exuberance of the jungle to reach the quiet pools that form between rocks where you can immerse yourself and renew your energy.


If you are lucky, stay silent and pay attention, you may be able to come across an armadillo, a tepezcuinte, a gray fox, a howler monkey, a deer, a toucan or a pheasant. In the distance, you can enjoy the soaring flight of a hawk as you look from the top of the jungle. If you want to fish, local guides can show you how to fish using string in the places designated for practicing this ancient art.

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