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Comitán de Domínguez , Chiapas

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Carlos Manuel Citalán Marroquín

Comitan de Dominguez, also known as Comitan de las Flores, is a place of indigenous traditions in a viceregal setting. The famous novelist and poet Rosario Castellanos and the doctor and liberal politician Belisario Dominguez were born here.

Walk down the narrow streets to admire the viceregal architecture and historic monuments. Continue along the main square and visit the churches of Santo Domingo, San Caralampio, San Jose, San Sebastian, Guadalupe, el Calvario and the Virgen del Rosario.

Visit the Ermila Dominguez Museum and admire unique pieces by Chiapas locals and other national painters and sculptors.
Get into the archaeological museum, which tells the history of the people of the Los Altos de Chiapas region, from their earliest arrival as hunting and gathering groups to the peak of the archaeological site of Tenam Puente.   

Your visit to Comitan will be unforgettable if you go to the colorful markets where you can taste delicate dishes such as butifarra, chamorro, picles, pan compuesto, olla podrida, and typical sweets like chimbo, patzitos, quiebramuelas and salvadillo con temperante

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