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Chiapa de Corzo , Chiapas

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Experience the surprise of finding a set of Mudejar style, unique in Ibero-America, which at the time was a pile of water.

Explore the neighborhood chapels such as San Jacinto or El Calvario and know the Renaissance altarpiece carved in wood with the theme of the Crucifixion. 

Walk to the former convent of Santo Domingo, home of the La Laca Museum, where you can see the lacquer pieces made with the Chiapa de Corzo maque technique, in a flash of brightly colored flowers on a black, white or colored background. Discover also objects made on gourds or pumpkins, trunks and other pieces. 

Admire the crafts of this place, among which the masks of the parachicos, carved in wood, stand out; be amazed by the vivid colors of the dresses, with splendidly embroidered shawls and colorful ribbons. 


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