Walk the City of Palizada

Campeche , Campeche

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Enjoy the cultural richness of this Magical Village whose name refers to the wood also known as Palo de Tinte, Palo de Brazil, or Palo de Campeche. It has been an important center for harvesting precious woods that were then transported along the river before being shipped to the Old Continent.
Learn about the houses with French-style shingle roofs, elegant entrances, and narrow provincial streets. Admire the colorful houses and the seafront surrounded by a wild environment. Stroll through the markets and watch master craftsmen working in family workshops. Buy their beautifully decorative creations and furniture.
Visit the Municipal Palace, the Casa del Río, the Monument to the Mother, the Statue of Liberty, the San Joaquin Parish Church, and the Lord of Tila Chapel.


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