Sailing on the Palizada River

Palizada , Campeche

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Palizada River is one of the few navigable rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula.


Book a boat, a canoe or a kayak to navigate the river that invites you to daydream. Sail all long edges of the river with exuberant vegetation to see birds and typical species of the region. Get into the adjacent canals to watch crocodiles and hear the howling monkeys that live in the dense jungle.


Get out early in the morning to gently navigate to Laguna de Terminos. Sharpe your senses and keep silent as you pass through the mangrove areas to hear the claws of storks, pelicans and herons, or find turtles, manatees and crocodiles.
Pay attention to the beautiful colorful houses set on the river shore and observe how they appear on the scene along with the tropical aroma. Imagine the peaceful country lifestyle of those who have decided to inhabit this paradisiacal environment. 


Suspend your breath when you see in front of you the immense Laguna de Terminos that looks like a sea. Stay tuned to friendly dolphins, that live there , because they might come to your boat. Ask your guide to share with you the legends that inhabit the region from pre-Hispanic times and the curiosities of the largest natural protected areas in the country  of the flora and fauna. 


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