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Palizada , Campeche

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Palizada is a beautiful and colorful Magic Town coastal, founded at the end of the XVIII century and that was once favorite destination of the pirates that prowled by the Caribeean.


Enjoy the cheerful multicolored Victorian houses. Pay attention to the roofs of French tiles brought by the buccaneers, who used them as ballast in their boats and exchanged them for logs of dye, a precious wood that was sold in Europe to make dyes.
Stop in front of the Monumento a la Madre in front of the City Hall building and ask the villagers to talk to you about why the statue has six fingers instead of five. Get into the Parish of San Joaquin, one of the first buildings built in the city.
Walk along the waterfront to admire the mighty river and find the small peculiar replica of the Lady of our Harbour that welcomes the city when arriving by water.


Live an adventure through its streets to discover yesteryear life and meet the barber, the pharmacist, the cheese maker, the chocolate factory and the workshops of the craftsmen who carve furniture and figures in wood.


Take a rest at the jetty at sunset with its beautiful lanterns and benches. In front of the slow flow of the river. You will see the wonderful spectacle of white herons flying towards their night refuge.
Taste the amazing gastronomy of Palizada, a combination of Tabasco and Yucatecan food, to one that combines ingredients and flavors and is based on fish products. Try the fried or roasted fish, in soup or wallpaper, whether mojarra, sea bass or pejelagarto. Also the tamales and empanadas of pejelagarto are typical.


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