Discover the walled City of Campeche

Campeche , Campeche

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Campeche, a walled city besieged by pirates in the past due to its position as a strategic port for trading between New Spain and the Old World. 

Sit on the jetty and enjoy the tranquility of the waters and the beautiful view of the sea. Immerse yourself in the beaches and feel the warm climate for which the city is known. 

Walk quietly through the Historic Center where the remains of the surrounding old wall, including bastions, gates, and forts, still stand.
Jump on the tram and enjoy the neighborhoods, temples, museums, gardens, and elegant Spanish-style plazas.
Visit the San Francisco Cathedral and admire its baroque vice-regal style. Learn about other religious temples like the San Roman Church or the San Juan de Dios Church. 
Admire the Faro de Morro and its caves where the sea breaks against the rocks. View the famous Faro de Lerma, home to a construction yard of ships that were exported all over the world. 

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