Visit La Bufadora

Ensenada , Baja California

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Legend has it that in forgotten times, during one of the migrations to the warm waters of the south, a breeding gray whale that passed through the bay of Ensenada got separated from the group. While wandering lost, it got stuck between rocks and, in an effort to cry for help, decided to launch small and large jets of water into the air to alert its companions. Over time, this whale turned into stone and merged with the rocks in the place to what is now called La Bufadora.

Climb the cliffs of the coast and discover La Bufadora, the second largest marine geyser in the world. Listen carefully to the sound emitted by the marine wave train as it experiences pressure in a cave at the base of the reef, and imagine an animal snorting and let the stream of water that reaches almost ninety feet high. 

Have fun when the millions of droplets that splash children and adults alike cause screams of excitement and wonder.


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