Surprise yourself with the wonders of Guadalupe Island

Ensenada , Baja California

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Captain Albert E. Theberge

The volcanic sanctuary of wildlife on Guadalupe Island is recognized as the best place in the world to see white sharks. They are looking to feed among the large colony of animals that has migrated from Alaska to breed in the warm waters of the Mexican Pacific.
Enjoy the ride to the island and admire the deep blue of the sea as it stretches to the horizon. Be amazed that you get to see the seals and other creatures jumping and playing close to the boat.

Let your adventurous spirit emerge and immerse yourself in the underwater world with a cage for protection. Test your courage by discovering the presence of adult sharks 16 to 20 feet long as they pass a few yards from you. 
If you prefer to stay on the island, relax and admire the playful seals that bask placidly in the sun. Talk to the local abalone and lobster fishermen, and share their adrenaline-fueled stories. Imagine what they must have felt like when they encountered a creature the size of a boat.


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