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Tijuana , Baja California

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Tijuana is the most visited border city in the world. It has been named a mecca of contemporary culture whose intense cultural diversity has given rise to the birth of new artistic and gastronomic tendencies. The world-famous margarita and the Caesar salad were born here, and Baja Med fusion cuisine is known worldwide.

Stroll along the iconic Avenida Revolución, nicknamed La Revu, and enjoy its mosaic of cuisine, art and traditions. Stop by the famous food trucks around the city in places like the Telefónica Gastro Park, which have become fashionable for the more adventurous visitors. To quench your thirst, there's nothing better than a craft beer or a sophisticated coffee.

Get rid of stress in Teniente Guerrero Park, Morelos Park or take a scenic walk along the Tijuana Beaches. Take a photo with the zebra donkey and enjoy the music in the old Plaza Santa Cecilia. At night, enjoy the Sótano Suizo (Swiss Basement), a favorite of Tijuana for locals and tourists alike, or try the Calle Sexta (Sixth Street), which is popular among the younger crowd. For dancing, there is nothing better than the traditional Salón Las Pulgas or a concert in El Foro.

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