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Migration: the inspiration for this year’s Day of the Dead Parade

Day of the dead, a very lively tradition

Imagen de Migration: the inspiration for this year’s Day of the Dead Parade

The dead return to the world of the living. That is the belief and the main reason for this Mexican holiday.

The offerings are a central part of this celebration as they are key to entice the souls of the dearly departed to return, as well as an important attraction for tourists and families to come together for the Day of the Dead. 

This year’s Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico City, including the parade and the offerings at the Zócalo, are dedicated to all migrants who enrich civilizations and turn cities and towns into thriving communities.


In Mexico’s history, the first migrants sought to establish their city in the middle of a lake, presently known as Mexico City.  

The country’s capital is an example of diversity. Honoring the lives of migrants allows us to celebrate their inaugural trip, their illusions and their contribution to our culture. This, along the strong pre-Hispanic legacy were the roots and foundation for Tenochtitlán. 

To experience Day of the Dead in Mexico City is to give life to art with the music, colors, and dances and to give our traditions strength to persevere. This is why we celebrate among friends and family and why we invite visitors from every country to experience it for themselves as we collectively grow, express ourselves and foster peace.  

The Day of the Dead parade is a complex and unique cultural celebration. 
The mega offerings in the capital’s Zócalo is a contemporary exhibition that merges elements and icons tied to our traditions and pilgrimage. 

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