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How Aguascalientes celebrates the Day of the Dead

Day of the dead, a very lively tradition

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Experience Day of the Dead in Aguascalientes!
Aguascalientes is always a good idea. Visitors can explore the city center, the markets, plazas, gardens and the incredible regional gastronomy. During Day of the Dead, these places are filled with the spirit of the event. 

The geography, the people and the climate are welcoming all year-round, but travelers should make sure to visit during the Calavera Cultural Festival that has taken place each year since 1994. The whole town erupts into a colorful celebration; it is not something to miss.

In Aguascalientes, locals work to preserve the traditions of their ancestors. The churches transform their spaces to honor the dead through decoration and the town pays tribute to the famous artist José Guadalupe Posada, a native whose works was heavily inspired by the celebration. 

The festivities
The Calaveras Festival takes place on the Island of San Marcos and features 10 days of colorful mysticism filled with lights, decoration, gastronomy, art and music. Artistic expositions, concerts and touristic attractions adorn every corner. There is a zone specifically created for food and one for commercial use. 

During the parade, decorative cars, Catrinas and more fill the Main Avenue, la Avenida Madero, and weave through town towards the historic center. Visitors can watch the procession and follow along. Other great places to experience Day of the Dead here in include the Parish in Tepezala, The People's Museum, the Temple of Guadalupe and the nearby magic towns of Cavilo and San José de Gracia.

Main visitor attractions:
Visit the main neighborhoods to hear local legends
Take a night tour of Los Angeles and La Cruz 
Watch a comedy show based on Day of the Dead
Visit the Casa de la Artesanias in the San Marcos neighborhood
Visit the Garbancera skull, known as La Catrina, at the José Guadalupe Posada Museum where it is on display
Take a tour of Tres Centurias
Get an oral history of the town at the San Marcos garden
Walk through the Plaza de la Patria to see the gastronomic offerings, make sure to try snacks like “jicaletas”

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